Dr. Deborah C. Good

I’m a radio astronomer and physics & astronomy educator. My current research focuses on pulsar timing arrays, using neutron stars throughout our Galaxy as a giant gravitational wave detector. Right now, I’m a postdoc at the University of Connecticut & the Flatiron Institute Center for Computational Astrophysics, leading efforts to create the third International Pulsar Timing Array data release. I also study exciting radio transients known as Fast Radio Bursts.

Research Experience


University of British Columbia
Ph.D. Physics, August 2021
“Timing Pulsars and Detecting Radio Transients with CHIME”
Advisor: Ingrid Stairs

Certificate in Advanced Teaching and Learning, November 2020
Year-long graduate certificate program, preparing graduate students for future careers as professors or university-level instructors.

M.Sc. Astronomy, August 2017
“Redundant baseline calibration in CHIME : a first implementation & application as beam probe”
Advisor: Kris Sigurdson

Colorado School of Mines
B.S. Engineering Physics, 2014

Selected Publications

Non-detection of CHIME/FRB sources with the Arecibo Observatory,” D.C. Good et al., Submitted to ApJ, 2022

A sudden period of high activity from repeating Fast Radio Burst 20201124A,” A. Lanman, et al. (including D. C. Good), 2022, ApJ, 927

First discovery of new pulsars and RRATs with CHIME/FRB,” D.C. Good et al., 2021, ApJ, 922

Fast Radio Burst Morphology in the First CHIME/FRB Catalog,” Z. Pleunis et al. (including D. C. Good), 2021, ApJ, 923

The First CHIME/FRB Fast Radio Burst Catalog,” CHIME/FRB Collaboration (including D. C. Good), 2021, ApJS, 257

The CHIME/Pulsar Project: System Overview,” The CHIME/Pulsar Collaboration (including D. C. Good), 2021, ApJS, 255

The NANOGrav 12.5 yr Data Set: Observations and Narrowband Timing of 47 Millisecond Pulsars“, M. Alam et al. (including D.C. Good), 2021, ApJS, 252

The NANOGrav 12.5-year Data Set: Search For An Isotropic Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background,” Z. Arzoumanian et al. (including D.C. Good), 2021, ApJL, 905

A bright millisecond-duration radio burst from a Galactic magnetar,” CHIME/FRB Collaboration (including D.C. Good), 2020, Nature

Nine New Repeating FRB Sources from CHIME/FRB,” Fonseca et al. (including D.C. Good), 2020, ApJL, 891

Observations of Fast Radio Bursts down to 400 MHz,” CHIME/FRB Collaboration (including D. C. Good), 2019, Nature, 566

The CHIME Fast Radio burst Project System Overview,” CHIME/FRB Collaboration (including D.C. Good), 2018, ApJ, 863

Scholarships & Awards

University of Connecticut
Postdoc Seed Award, July 2022
$2,000 grant to allow postdocs to pursue new directions in their research at University of Connecticut

Canadian Astronomical Society
J.S. Plaskett Medal, May 2022
Awarded to the Ph.D. graduate from a Canadian university who is judged to have submitted the most outstanding doctoral thesis in astronomy or astrophysics within the last two calendar years

University of British Columbia
John I. Watters Research Fellowship, May 2020
Awarded to deserving graduate students in the field of cosmology.

Killam Teaching Assistant Award, May 2020
Awarded to outstanding graduate teaching assistants.

Colorado School of Mines
Engineering Physics E-Days Engineer, April 2014
Awarded to an outstanding graduating senior, chosen by the physics faculty.

Scheduled Observations as Principal Investigator

Arecibo Observatory, P3334, “Observations of a Repeating Fast Radio Burst Discovered by CHIME”, 32.25 Hours (May — June 2019).

Arecibo Observatory, P3352, “Observations of a new repeating Fast Radio Burst discovered by CHIME/FRB and a search for repetition from low declination bursts,” 62.00 hours (July — December 2019).

Arecibo Observatory. P3429, P3424, “Observation of repeating Fast Radio Bursts Discovered by CHIME”, 90.75 hrs. (January — August 2020).


Classroom Experience

University of British Columbia
PHYS 119 Lab Instructor (2018, 2020)
PHYS 119 is a 1-credit laboratory course, using Structured Quantitative Inquiry to teach students a wide variety of statistical methods and lab techniques. As Lab Instructor, I was responsible for presenting weekly lessons and activities on statistical and lab techniques, as well as managing the classroom, mentoring TAs, and holding office hours.

University of British Columbia
Physics & Astronomy TA (2014-2021)
As TA for a variety of physics and astronomy course, my duties included facilitating lab and tutorial activities, including presenting introductions; grading lab reports, homework, and exams; and holding office hours.

Colorado School of Mines
PHGN 100 TA (2011-2013)
As a TA for a hybrid studio introductory mechanics course, my duties included supporting student learning in the studio, office hours/homework help, and grading.

Curriculum Development

University of British Columbia
Co-Developer, ASTR 101 Labs (2017, continuing work in 2018-2019)
Worked with Science Teaching and Learning Fellow Dr. Linda Strubbe on a Skylight Development project to create and implement a five lab inquiry-based sequence focusing on measuring distances in astronomy. Duties included refining lab activities; developing, implementing, and analyzing lab assessments; developing and presenting a three hour TA training on facilitating inquiry; and facilitating labs. I continued to refine the lab activities in 2018 and 2019, in conjunction with course instructor Dr. Aaron Boley.

University of British Columbia
New TA Training (2016-2019)
As Executive Coordinator for the UBC Physics & Astronomy Teaching Assistant Professional Development Committee, I designed and facilitated one to three annual training workshops for new graduate and undergraduate TAs. I also piloted continuing training mini-workshops for returning TAs, bringing results in physics education to a broader audience.

Let’s Talk Science
In-Class Mentorship Pilot Program (2019-2020)
As a Let’s Talk Science volunteer, I developed a six session curriculum on the Scientific Method for 8th grade students. Students learn the steps of the scientific method and apply them to a project of their own design.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

University of British Columbia
Teaching as Research Internship (2019-2020)
I designed and conducted an education research project in introductory astronomy, “Improving Student Self-Efficacy through Inquiry-Based Learning in ASTR 101.”

Teaching Assistant Administration

University of British Columbia
Teaching Assistant Professional Development Executive Coordinator (2017-2019)
I led initial and continuing training for TAs. I also led the TAPD in hiring Head TAs, Mentor TAs, and new coordinators. I wrote write successful application for TA training funding (approximately CAD$25,000 pa) and advocated with the department for a comparable amount of in-kind funding for TA training activities..

University of British Columbia
Teaching Assistant Professional Development Head TA Coordinator (2016)
I administrated the Head TA program designed to coordinate large courses and provide guidance to incoming TAs, including holding monthly meetings with Head TAs and helping evaluate the Head TA program. I also assis in facilitating new TA training workshop, hiring Head and Mentor TAs, and writing a successful funding application for TA Training funding

University of British Columbia
Head TA (2015-2018)

Head teaching assistant for PHYS 100 (Fall 2015 and Fall 2016), Phys 109 (Spring 2017) and ASTR 101 (Fall 2018). My duties included creating TA schedules and allocating duties, preparing and running weekly TA meetings, and liaising between instructors and TAs.

Formal Pedagogical Training

University of British Columbia
Center for Teaching and Learning Technology
Certificate in Advanced Teaching and Learning

A graduate certificate program combining cohort-based classroom learning about pedagogy with experiential learning via practicum lectures, mentor observations, and a small-scale Scholarship of Teaching and Learning project.

University of British Columbia
A year-long, 2 credit course, studying education research and best-practices, specifically focused on the physics classroom.


Let’s Talk Science (UBC chapter)
Volunteer & Internal Relations Coordinator (2019-2020)
I managed training, recruitment, and retention for a volunteer corps of about 200 undergraduate and graduate students. I also coordinated our library of science activities for all ages, helping volunteers obtain the supplies they needed to bring science outreach into Vancouver-area classrooms. When the COVID-19 Pandemic began in 2020, I was part of the core team figuring out how to continue outreach online, including conducting several online workshops.

Let’s Talk Science (UBC Chapter)
Mentorship Program Coordinator (2016-2019)
I coordinated after school science fair mentorship program for about 100 8th — 10th grade students. I recruited and trained volunteers, paired students with mentors based on topical interest, supported volunteers in mentoring students, obtained supplies for student projects, and judged the final science fair. I also participated as a mentor, helping two to five students design and conduct their experiments each year, and filling in for mentors who were unable to attend specific sessions.

Science World at TELUS World of Science
Eureka Gallery Core Volunteer (2015-2020)
I interpreted and encouraged visitor interactions in gallery focused on light, sound, water, and motion at British Columbia’s premiere science museum.

Fun Stuff

I’ve recently started a youtube channel, Not So Scary Physics, where I make entertaining and informative videos about physics, including problem-solving strategies, concepts, and some fun stuff too.

Outside of the office, I also enjoy sewing my own clothes. A couple years ago, I even made a historically accurate Ada Lovelace gown!